Model your solution

Model your customer problem / solution and benifits to auto generate sales scripts.


Simulate the sales process, and learn from your interactions

Channel Setup

Use deep text to speech or chat channels that will talk to your customers.

Optimise your solution

Set your objectives for your sales bot, it will continually optimise over time to read your goals .

How we work with you?

Monyta Sales Bot is both a technology and an experiment.

If you are looking to get a solution, that does not exist in the market, and get an edge which never existed. Join us on our journey!

Simple Script Configuration

Our simple UI is design so that anyone with no technical skill can set up sales scripts.

Channel Selector

Use voice or chat channels to reach your client, with simple integration

Automated Prospecting and Scale

Provide a feed in a channel, from people to phone numbers and let the bot learn and sell for you