Voip Solutions

Overview - Voip Solution

The VOIP solution we call our avatar version, has the ability to make calls, receive calls. It has the ability to understand the customer, extract information, match intents and make decisions about what to say and how to talk to the users.

We offer two versions. A Text to Speech version which can talk and dynamically change what it says. Or our pre-recorded version, which uses human recordings and deep cloning technology to create dynamic responses to users.

Automated Call Centers Outbound - Sales

Our automated sales call center uses a variety of methods of continual learning from customer experience and automated calls.

The call center solution handles a variety of situations such as, handling gate keepers, transfers, appointments, do not call list, answering machine abuse and many more.

Currently we have customers from around the world using our solution to replace call centers of over 100 people.

They have seen the following results:

  • Dramatic reducing the cost of lead generation
  • Control over scale. With one click scaling from 1 agent to 100 agents
  • Higher conversion rates, due to continual optimisation of script
  • Lower Complaints, due to clear language, no background noise, or pauses on call answer

Automated Call Centers - Inbound

Our inbound call center features all the same aspects as the outbound solutions

Our clients use the inbound call center as part of their core inbound campaign, to both filter out the customers, classify their customers, and perform transfers to humans as needed

The sales bots are used both for complete end to end sales, and also for assisting sales people in advanced sales.

Some of the results we have seen:

  • Identifying high value sales and redirecting to high value sales people
  • Performing complete end to end sales
  • Operating 24 hour sales
  • A large reduction of staff cost on the sales front - Improving the ability to scale