Chat bots vs Sales Bots

Objective of Sales bot vs Chat bot

Chat bots have been a great technology, they have are a great resources for companies assisting in customer support, information extraction and other routine activities.

Sales, bots objectives are different! Although their is commonalities in both the chat bot and sales bots. The sales bots are design specifically to guide a user through an experiences, they are designed to create a journey for the user, and appeal to both the users logical side and their emotional side, for creating sales which are both personalised and relevant to the end user.

Business Problems - Why the need sales bots

For Business, there are many reasons you will need sales bots to drive your sales forwards and get the best results for your customers. Here are our top 3 business reasons for getting sales bots

  • Sales is expensive – A typical company spends 25% to 45% of their revenue on their sales team
  • Sales is not optimized – The customer experience in sales is subject each sales person’s bias, their ability to understand each customer’s problem and how the solution can be applied
  • Chatbots are not sales bots - today’s chatbots are designed to extract information and respond. They cannot lead a conversation based on sales objectives

But wait! What about the other practical reasons for getting sales bots.

  • Sales bots do not sleep - Sales bots work 24 hours a day, meaning if your customers are in different time zones, busy, want to work to their own schedule. The sales bot will provide them to tour they need
  • Sales bot are multi lingual - Do not have sales people that speak your customers language. the sales bots do
  • People are busy! - Both your customers or sales people are busy. Let sales bots do the hard work of prequalifying your leads and get them to the point of interest.

What is a sales journey

A sales journey is taking a user through a process, this process involves understanding the customers problems. What are their fears, their needs, to see if your product or service is the right fit.

You sell a transformation, what happens to the customer when they use your product and service. Will they be better, richer, smarter.

Our sales bots allow you to customise the experience for your user, and help them on their journey. Using the assets you have designed on your web site, and showing them what they need, when they need it.

Difference in Web vs Voip Bots

We offer two solutions a web version and a voip version.

Voip Version: Are you making outbound sales calls or inbound calls for prospecting our Sales bots will talk to your customers, collect information and make decisions that you have set.

Our VOIP version is used to replace call centers specialising in prospecting or inbound sales. Replacing the need for front line staff, and has the ability to perform transfers, appointments or human overrides.

Web Version: The web version uses the same AI and intelligences as the voip version. With some additional features such as the ability to interactive with a web site, call apis and talk to chat bots as well to improve the user experience.