Web Solutions

Overview - Web Solution

Our Sales Bots - Web Solution allows your customers to interact with the bot, with the ability to talk to it, it will respond, interact with the website and also profile your customer to get the best result for your customer. The best part it never sleep.

They allow for each customer to have a unique and a guided experience through your web site. Getting the most out of the web assets that you have spent a large amount of time working on.

Different companies use our sales bots in different way.

  • Selling in different languages
  • Selling 24 hours a day
  • Lead screening customer and booking appointments
  • Help explaining complex applications
  • Providing a high interactive level of engagement

Sales bots are different to chat bots! Chat bots are designed to talk to the users. Where you guide users based on your sales script and your messaging through a journey.

Gathering information from the user to be able to create a custom response for the users

Getting Started

Our sales bots use a continual learning method, which is designed to get the best solutions for all users.

Our team works with you to create a sales script, and sales questions, what you expect from the sales bot.

As users interact with your site and the bot, the system collects information and learns from their responses, and questions. This information is then used to optimise the sales bot.

From day one, your sales bot will perform well, but as time passes it will perform amazing! Helping your company sell in your sleep!

Every company has different needs, and different levels of complexity. To get the right solution for your company, we need to hear from you what you want to achieve.

Companies will normally go through the following phases

  • Defining the core problem/s their customers are facing when they come to the site
  • The current scripts, solutions and assets to explain the details
  • Sentiment based on the users response
  • Go live and learn from the users
  • Refine the scripts, learning and the rebuttles

To get the best out of monyta, this is an evolutionary solution, with ever improving results!